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Easter message from Uniting Church President


How refreshing to hear politicians saying our capitalist economy needs to be ‘humanised’.

To the “values of security, liberty and prosperity must also be grafted the values of equity, sustainability and community,” said Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, last week. England’s Prime Minister and the US President have both made similar statements.

So what economic advice does the Christian faith provide? The founder of the Christian faith, Jesus Christ, actually spoke a lot about wealth and money.

Jesus would agree that equity, sustainability and community are key values, but what he most stressed was that greed and selfishness are wrong and that personal generosity and care for the poor are right.

Jesus lived very simply. He died penniless, a victim of the religion and politics of his day.

What he left us through his death and resurrection is priceless – the offer of God’s love and forgiveness every day; the promise that those who put their faith in God receive God’s guidance and peace every day; and the promise of eternal life beyond this life.

As we celebrate Easter 2009, in a period of economic turmoil and suffering, look to the example of Jesus.

He wanted the rich to share their wealth with the poor. He wanted the world to be free of oppression and suffering. He wanted everyone to know God’s love.

As our political leaders try to create a reformed world economy, may they heed the voice of Jesus, calling for generosity, equity and care for the poor.