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Foundation ready for mission

Foundation Manager Rochelle Nolan. Photo by Holly Jewell
ROCHELLE NOLAN has begun work to re-position the Uniting Church Foundation (UCF) to establish new and fulfilling ways Uniting Church members can contribute to important mission activities and see the tangible impact of their involvement.

As Foundation Manager, Ms Nolan is passionate about people being able to make a meaningful contribution.

“It is about fundraising in the context of a reciprocal relationship,” she said.

“I see the Foundation as a connector between our donors and the outcomes they effect.

“It’s about facilitating people giving to people, and being really clear about the huge difference a donation makes.”

The Synod Leadership Team and the Foundation collaboratively decided that one way the Foundation could have a positive impact on Church mission would be by forming a strategic partnership with a ‘partner project’ over a period of three years.

“This means the Foundation can focus half its efforts on creating sustainable funding for mission,” said Ms Nolan.

The Foundation’s first partner will be the Chaplaincy Commission.

“Over the next few years the Foundation will be working with the Chaplaincy Commission to help congregations have a deeper understanding of this outreach and to fund new expressions of chaplaincy in areas which desperately need it.

“We believe it’s important that the Foundation be built on strong relationships and be committed to clearly communicating the impact of every single donation,” she said.

Ms Nolan’s hope for the future of the Foundation is simple.

“My hope for the Foundation is this: that it will contribute to a church inspired by, involved in and mobilised for mission.”

Contact Ms Nolan on rochelle.nolan@ucaqld.com.au

Photo : Foundation Manager Rochelle Nolan. Photo by Holly Jewell