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Future focus for the journey

AS THE Together on the way, enriching community journey continues Church members from all over Queensland are reflecting on the future of the Church in their own context.

In the light of the Church’s 2020 Call and Vision, the five areas of priority in the next two years are: enabling a demonstrated
commitment to the shared call and vision, promoting a discipline of prayer and spirituality (individual and corporate), developing sustainable mission oriented organisation for the Church in Queensland, facilitating renewal of leadership for the mission of the Church and, providing opportunities for intentional, open community connections and partnerships.

Focus Group A is looking at how to enable a demonstrated commitment to the shared Call and Vision.

Focus Group A member, Rev Linda Hanson, said one step to achieving that is for people across the life of the Church to be
familiar with the language of the Call, Vision and Gospel Values and how that relates to their own situation.

“Focus Group A is looking at how to assist people in locating and identifying with the Call and Vision in their part of the world, so it can then be shared, owned and lived,” said Ms Hanson, a Pomona Uniting Church member.

“The goal of Focus Group A is to help us see that we are all on the same page and heading in the same direction.”

“We need to know that this is our Vision, so we can support it, live it and reach it.

“The role of Focus Group A is to ensure we all speak the same language as we travel on different paths on the journey together.

“How we go about responding to the Call of Christ won’t be the same, but the outcome will be.”

Moderator Rev Bruce Johnson is also a member of Focus Group A.

“When I was a student Professor Rollie Busch used to say individualism will destroy the Church,” said Mr Johnson.

“History has shown us that when we are fragmented, and only concerned with our own patch of the church, we crumble.

“The function of Focus Group A is to seek to engage all parts of the Uniting Church in Queensland to participate in this
Together on the way, enriching community process so we can support, encourage and challenge each other to be more faithfully the body of Christ together.”

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