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Give a gift of love this Christmas through Everything in Common

With just days until Christmas, Uniting International Mission’s gifts of love catalogue Everything in Common has provided numerous Christmas gift options with Uniting Church partners in Asia, Africa and the Pacific. Gift areas cover projects connected to Church Partnerships, Uniting Church Overseas Aid, People in Mission and Young Ambassadors for Peace.

Uniting International Mission National Director, Rev Dr Kerry Enright, has said that those connected with the Uniting Church can express their commitment to the ethics of Jesus by finding inexpensive ways to give to people in their own families and by remembering those without the most basic resources like clean safe water.

“The financial crisis reminds us of people who live always in crisis, always without money. In remembering the family of Jesus at the innkeeper’s door, we see people desperate for shelter, food and comfort, Simple gifts sacrificially given can make a big difference to our own families, and to people beyond Australia.

“A simple approach is to forego expensive gifts this Christmas and rather donate to the gift programs of charities such as Uniting International Mission and it’s Everything in Common gift catalogue. A core dimension of our response to the Christmas message is that we balance our own wish to express love for our families and friends with helping people in our world have basic living conditions.” said Rev Enright.

Gifts to Uniting Church Overseas Aid and Young Ambassadors for Peace are tax deductible. Gifts can be made securely by an EWAY payment gateway and E-Cards can be sent via the website to loved ones by email up until and beyond Christmas Day. Printed Cards orders will need to be placed by Friday the 19th in order to ensure mailing before Christmas.

The Everything in Common catalogue can be downloaded via the website www.everythingincommon.com.au or call 1800 988 122