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It may not look much like church

Secretary of the Queensland Rev Jenny Tymms is seeking leaders on the edge.

The Synod Leadership Team is moving swiftly to implement the Vision for Mission endorsed in September by the 25th Synod, and has called for expressions of interest for a Vision for Mission Facilitation Team and a Vision for Mission Advocate.

Synod Secretary Rev Jenny Tymms said the Vision for Mission Facilitation Team will be a small group of creative, innovative, energetic leaders to oversee the implementation of the Vision for Mission.

"Together with the Vision for Mission Advocate, the team will offer support and guidance for the establishment, development, nurture and evaluation of mission initiatives across the Uniting Church in Queensland," she said.

"The goal is to seed many new mission ventures through organising collaborative efforts throughout the church.

"The kind of people we are looking for will be committed to the establishment of new missional initiatives and have a good understanding of the changing world in which we live.

"They will probably be the kind of people who ‘think beyond’ the usual church square and may feel more comfortable outside traditional church leadership structures."

The Moderator of the Queensland Synod Rev Dr David Pitman is committed to ensure that the group can operate in flexible and creative ways.

"Unfortunately the experience of some creative initiators and leaders of new mission ventures within our church has been that the structure and institutional rigidity of parts of the Uniting Church has stifled, rather than encouraged, new initiatives," said Dr Pitman.

The criteria for any funded initiatives will include among others its congruence with the Vision for Mission, intentionality of relationship building with people in the wider community and creative alternatives to the employment of full time persons and ownership of property.

Ms Tymms said an information kit will be developed to assist groups wishing to access funding for new mission initiatives.

Dowload information about the Vision for Mission Advocate position and opportunities to serve on Vision for Mission Facilitation Team HERE.

Photo : Secretary of the Queensland Rev Jenny Tymms is seeking leaders on the edge.