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Kids picture the future

Flynn pictures the future
Ten years from now…

Caleb Patch of Year seven believes graffiti art and skating will become a more popular and accepted culture. Flynn Winterton of Prep pictured himself flying a kite. And Chris Beasley, Year nine, sees the destruction of our natural environment as a major issue.

These were some of the many thought provoking ideas that emerged from the students of Brisbane’s Moreton Bay Boys’ College (MBBC) when they participated in the Uniting Church Investment Service (U.C.I.S) 2009 Calendar Art Competition.

MBBC Art Teacher Ms Lynn Joubert said it was wonderful to be a part of the calendar competition because the students could think about what the future will be like for them.

“The theme encouraged the boys to think creatively about what their life and what their world will be like in ten years time,” Lynn said.

“There were thoughts about preservation of the environment, increasing technology, the Olympics and even Harry Potter.

“And not only that, they experienced an authentic, ‘real world’ art competition with judging and the added incentive of having their work published throughout Australia.”

MBBC, a brother school to girls’ school Moreton Bay College, began in 2004 with just two buildings and 75 students. Today, MBBC is a community of 300 people with an added administration building, additional classrooms and sports facilities.

U.C.I.S started its relationship with MBBC in 2007, assisting with funding to develop its buildings, which MBBC Principal Dr Roderick Crouch said was vital in helping to expand the school.

“Because we’re a young school it’s incredibly valuable to have the support of the Uniting Church, which is committed to our long term success,” said Roderick.

“It’s been a positive experience and partnership; together we developed a specific model to suit MBBC which gives us increased flexibility in forward planning, and is particularly important in our developing stages.”

Photo : Flynn pictures the future