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Lifeline makes its mark on Indigenous poverty

DID YOU know suicide among Indigenous Australians is up to 40 percent* higher than in the general Australian population? It is also believed this figure is under reported.

In less than a minute and with four clicks of your mouse, you can help Lifeline save Indigenous Australians.

The Make Your Mark campaign encourages you to create your own unique hand print, symbolising your own contribution to making Indigenous poverty history.

By creating your hand print, you will be showing your support for Indigenous healing, emotional wellbeing and suicide prevention.

Your participation will help Lifeline, a subsidiary of UnitingCare, connect Indigenous communities with services and resources to support individuals and families into the future.

For every handprint created Rugby League’s One Community will donate $1 to Lifeline for this cause up to $15 000.

The funds raised will be used to support suicide awareness and prevention activities in at risk communities as part of Lifeline’s Indigenous Outreach Program.

The Program will support specifically identified remote and regional Indigenous communities through service delivery and the dissemination of information and self-help resources.

The need for such programs will be determined on a community needs basis – identified by a community assessment and engagement process.

The use of a hand print as the predominant image of the Make Your Mark campaign was determined in collaboration with Menzies School of Health Research because it symbolically represents a signature and is often found in traditional Indigenous art and rock painting.

Once your mark is made, you can click on a map to see the hand prints of other people in your area to see how many of your friends and family have made their mark.

(*Living is for Everyone, 2008)