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Local preacher goes to pod

Pod preacher Duncan Macleod
Master Blogger and Mission Consultant Duncan Macleod has begun to podcast on his latest blog called PostKiwi Podcasts.

The most recent offering, "On Heaven", is a 50 minute dialogue from Logan Uniting Church, Sunday evening, 21 August which was part of "worship.com", a worship experience aimed at young adults.

"We started with three TV adverts, including the Carlton Draught Big Ad, DB Heaven and God Tabasco and broke up into groups for 10 minutes to brainstorm questions and imagery," said Duncan.

"The questions ranged from ‘What will we do in heaven?’ to ‘What about people from other religions?’ and ‘Will there be Playstation in heaven?’"

Podcasting has become more popular recently because of the popularity of portable personal music players and is the name for a method of publishing audio broadcasts via the Internet.

The word Podcasting was made up by combining the words "broadcasting" and "iPod", although podcasting and listening to podcasts does not necessarily require an iPod or portable music player.

"Podcasting sermons is not as easy I thought it might be," said Duncan. "First of all there’s the quality of the tape and using a lapel radio microphone leaves a bit of hiss but the hand held microphone seemed to produce a better quality sound.

People can listen to the download file for "Heaven" on a computer but it is a 16 MB mp3 file so is better downloaded by broadband connection.

Duncan’s other podcasts are "Body Talk" and "Generosity". You can visit his PostKiwi Podcasts site at http://postkiwipodcast.blogspot.com.

Photo : Pod preacher Duncan Macleod