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Micah takes on Live8

Social Responsibility Advocate Heather den Houting
Over one thousand people attended the live broadcast of the Live8 concert at the Southbank Piazza in Brisbane to celebrate White Armband Day on July 2. Organised by the Queensland working group of the Micah Challenge and Oxfam, the event drew people, young and not so young, to make a stand against poverty.
Queensland Synod Social Responsibility Advocate Ms Heather den Houting was one of the many volunteers on the night. “Over a thousand people attended, all called to be part of the global movement to share wealth equitably across the world. The Micah Challenge takes its name from the biblical prophet who calls all Christians to act justly and love mercy. What an opportunity for the church to respond to this call,” she said.”Each day of our lives we have the opportunities available to us to make a difference.”
The night is over but the work of the Micah Challenge and mission is far from finished. The next White Armband Day is in September.

Photo : Social Responsibility Advocate Heather den Houting