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More to life at AGMF


R&B/pop diva Stacie Orrico will become one of the biggest acts to perform on Main Stage at AGMF 07 next Easter (6-8 April 2007).

At just 20 years, the honey voiced US singer is already an eight-year veteran of the music industry.

She was discovered at 12, released a gold-selling record at 14, and traveled the globe to support her international best selling follow up aged 17.

By 18, Stacie had topped the charts with Stuck and (There’s Gotta Be) More To Life, plus sold more than 3.4 million albums worldwide.

But the girl who signed to Virgin Records and a Christian record label in her teens, toured with Destiny’s Child and garnered a Grammy nomination, rejects the notion that she is just a “gospel artist”.

Orrico says that she is “artist who simply makes pop/soul/R&B music”.

“As far as feeling the need to be pigeon-holed to any group of people, I’ve never been like that,” Stacie explains.

“My music is for everyone, and I’m going to write about my life, faith, boys, and my mistakes.

“My gospel fans are super supportive, but there are a few loud talkers who are like ‘Oh my God, she’s wearing big earrings, she’s not a Christian anymore!’ she quips.

“There are always going to be people who think I can’t be a Christian and signed to the same label as Janet Jackson.

“I just have to know that I’m staying true to the things I believe in, and can honestly say I feel I’ve continued to hold myself to a very high standard,” she says.

Before releasing her latest CD Beautiful Awakening featuring her current hit I’m Not Missing You, Stacie found there is more to life by taking a two-year break to live a “normal life”.

“I worked at a restaurant serving fish and chips; I spent time with my family; I went on dates – it was exactly what I needed. I put things in perspective and sorted out my priorities, so now I’m ready for the hectic lifestyle again,” Stacie says.

AGMF CEO Isaac Moody says he expects Stacie’s soul infused performance will be one of the festival’s main attractions.

“We’re expecting she will attract thousands of people to the festival in the same way that Guy Sebastian, newsboys, and Delirious? have in previous years,” Isaac says.

AGMF now attracts more than 30 000 people annually contributing significantly to the social, economic, and spiritual fabric of the city, and the Australian community.

“Stacie’s visit underscores the fabric of AGMF being a joint venture between business, community, government, and Church groups,” Moody explains.

Stacie Orrico joins Chicago based Superchic[k], sister act BarlowGirl, hard rockers Day Of Fire, Swedish metal gurus Blindside, soulful pop singer Jimmy Needham, leading Australian gospel rock band Planetshakers, and jazz virtuoso James Morrison to perform at AGMF 07, the country’s number one event for youth, kids, and families.

“AGMF 07 promises to be a truly magnificent year,” Isaac adds.