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NCYC 2007 Includes an Expo

The National Christian Youth Convention (NCYC) 2007 will be in Perth, Western Australia, 3 – 9 January 2007. The theme is Agents of Change and registration is open to all young people between the ages of 16 and 30 as of 3 January 2007. It is about transformation – inner and outer. What are the agents that change us, and how can we be agents of change in the lives of others and in the world around us?

One of the activities happening at convention is the Expo. Based at the heart of the main venue, Scotch College, the Expo will be open to all delegates during afternoon free time and Nitelife in the evening. It will be a space where delegates can be equipped and energised to make a difference in the world beyond convention.

There will be five main sections of the Expo to cater for different interests and needs.

Excite. Different activities will be running each day to engage people in the expo displays and explore the themes of NCYC in a practical way. It might be anything from a fashion parade to a competition to the experience of sleeping in a shanty for a night.

Exalt. This is a space to get to know more about the Uniting Church. What is and who is the Uniting Church? What do we believe and how do we action our faith? Delegates will have an opportunity to meet with great people who contribute to our church and our community for God.

Examine. Non-profit organisations contributing to our communities and our world will be sharing their passion and experiences in this area.

Exist. When there’s so much to take in, sometimes it helps to take a moment to reflect. Exist will be a chill-out space complete with comfy furniture for delegates to think, chat and just be.

Extra. Extra is the place to buy anything you need to help you on your way including worship resources, bibles, music including that by NCYC performers, free trade goods and NCYC merchandise such as t-shirts, wrist bands and badges (currently available from the NCYC office)