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NCYC 2007 is a national team effort

NCYC 2007 Project Worker Fiona McKay
WA is one of many states organising NCYC 2007. Although WA is the “host state” and assumes the Lion’s share of the workload, people in states other than WA are being given the opportunity to participate in the organisation of NCYC 2007 by managing specific areas of need, such as pastoral care, overseas delegates and community leadership training.

Convention Manager Jeremy Burtenshaw says “NCYCs always benefit from diversity. In this case, NCYC 2007 is benefiting from the organisational efforts of people who bring with them different ideas, experiences and ways of approaching an NCYC.”

Fiona McKay, a recently appointed Project Worker for NCYC 2007 from the NCW/ACT Synod, is excited about the role. “I am looking forward to working with a team of committed Christians from all over Australia! There are such a diverse group of people who make up the organisational side of NCYC – and this NCYC has the added dimension of working over very long distances with teams in NSW/ACT, VIC/TAS and SA. I am looking forward to this long-distance challenge.” says Fiona.

Fiona is employed using funds from the Ada Purnell Trust and the Trinity Uniting Church. She will conduct research on Communities and Small Groups at NCYC and develop resources to enhance community life and learning. Her work will contribute significantly to the skill level of leaders at this and future NCYCs, and across the board in the Uniting Church.

The VIC/TAS synod, under the leadership of Sam Charlesworth and Sue Clarkson, will oversee the Pastoral Care portfolio, which includes the recruiting, training, and management of Chaplains at NCYC 2007. The SA Synod, under the leadership of Sandy Boyce, will assist with the management of overseas delegate attendance.

NCYC 2007 is also particularly appreciative of the support of the Assembly who have provided an Event Registration Management Package which enables first rate data management an will assist in the smooth running of convention.

Photo : NCYC 2007 Project Worker Fiona McKay