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NCYC Internships – It only takes a year to change your whole life!

National Christian Youth Convention (NCYC) 2007, following the lead of organizations including Sojourners, the Centre for Action & Contemplation, and World Vision, has begun an Internship Program.

“The NCYC 2007 internship program provides an opportunity for young people to receive training and gain experience from the organisation of a large scale event.” says Jeremy Burtenshaw, Convention Manager

Open to young members of Uniting Church Congregations, an intern works for a day a week for a year in the NCYC office in WA. Interns work alongside other interns and staff, and are given a role description which takes into account the individual’s areas of interest and personal learning objectives. Examples of portfolios include media officer, IT officer and registrations officer. Interns are also required to assist their home congregation with keeping up to date with NCYC developments, and promoting NCYC to young people in the community.

“The internship program is a way in which Congregations can contribute to NCYC 2007 in Perth, and also a way in which they can increase the skills sets and confidence of young leaders in their congregation.” says Annette Bryant , Order of St Stephens worker and manager of the Internship Program.

Congregations are responsible for funding the position, with the average being $6800 for the year. The Internship program is becoming instrumental in addressing the shortfall in volunteers, which NCYC has been faced with from the outset.

“The best thing about an internship is the confidence you gain. In 2003, my involvement (in NCYC Newcastle) gave me the courage to return to my home congregation and become more involved in organising Church events in the community” says Lauren Sheen, Assistant Manager, who herself was in an informal internship role at NCYC 2003. Lauren travelled all the way from Terrigal in NSW to take up the Assistant Manager position – testament to her courage!

The first intern to be appointed is Tabitha Haddock, of Noranda Uniting Church. There are a further 6 applications pending. There is a limit of 12 internship positions.

Jeremy summarises the program by saying: “I believe this is one of the best ways that congregations can develop Agents of Change. And besides, it is a whole heap better for a young person to work in a busy and exciting Christian event office than a fast food store!”

Contact the NCYC office on 1300 00 NCYC (that is 1300 00 6292) or email info@agentsofchange.org.au to receive an information pack.