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NCYC issues a Call to Leadership

National Christian Youth Convention Chairperson The Hon. Justice (John) McKechnie

"To lead is to undertake a journey,"says The Hon. Justice (John) McKechnie, chairperson of the National Christian Youth Convention management team for 2007.

Mr McKechnie’s vision for NCYC 2007 is to lead delegates on a journey of transformation. "The noun ‘leadership’ has no content unless the destination is known," he said.

"For NCYC 2007, the destination is to transform delegates – youth and adults into Agents of Change."

Mr McKechnie is part of an experienced team which manages the direction of NCYC 2007. A Supreme Court judge in WA, he has previously served as a general counsel regularly representing the State in the High Court and all Western Australian courts and was appointed a Queen’s Counsel in 1989 after 15 years in practice.

Mr McKechnie continues to worship at the Dianella Uniting Church Congregation regularly and has five children, who will be able to offer him sound advice about the needs of young people.

"In my call to lead as Chair, I was guided not only by prayer, but by words written on my final school report by my headmaster, Dr Max Keys. ‘To whom much is given, much is expected.’

"Leadership and management are often confused in today’s world. NCYC 2007 is a mission project to be managed to its successful completion, but if all we do is manage then the result will be only a successful secular event. There must be clarity of vision and integrity of action as leadership inspires others to transformation," he said.

“We each have been blessed with gifts. We are now expected to lead in mission to God and raise up a generation of Change Agents – risking the way of Jesus.”

Photo : National Christian Youth Convention Chairperson The Hon. Justice (John) McKechnie