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ncyc11 brings in the new year

Alison Cox, left, and Allison Tyquin prepare for ncyc11.
FOR THE first time in the history of the National Christian Youth Convention (NCYC) the event will begin in December, meaning ncyc11 attendees will welcome 2011 with a special New Year’s Eve celebration.

Confirmed speakers for the conference include Gillian Best, speaker and Youth Ministry coordinator for the Irish Methodist Church and Australian Christian comedian and magician, Christopher Wayne.

NCYC is a national Uniting Church event held every two years. The 2011 event will be held on the Gold Coast.

Alison Cox, ncyc11 coordinator, said her most memorable NCYC experience was in 1991 in Toowoomba.

“We were at an evening worship time where Tony Campolo had spoken. The question posed that night was: God is calling you, are you going to sit there or do something about it?

“I’d planned to be a psychologist in South Australia and now I’m ordained in the Uniting Church,” she said.

At the age of 23 Allison Tyquin is an NCYC veteran and ncyc11 will be Ms Tyquin’s fifth.

“The environment created at NCYC is like nothing I had experienced before.

“You never know what you might take away from it,” she said.

Ms Cox said the best way to prepare for ncyc11 was to have a “head and heart ready for anything, open to what God might be saying”.

To register visit www.ncyc11.com.au and follow ncyc11 at facebook.com/ncyc11 or twitter.com/ncyc11

For other information contact Alison Cox on 07 3377 9750 or email her here. 

Photo : Alison Cox, left, and Allison Tyquin prepare for ncyc11.