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New alliance of conservative church members proposed


A joint summit of the Reforming Alliance and the Evangelical Members of the Uniting Church (EMU) met in Brisbane yesterday to respond to the decisions of the 11th Assembly (HERE) on sexuality and leadership.

In a press release today National EMU spokesperson Rev Stephen Estherby claimed that the decisions have plunged the Uniting Church in Australia deeper into confusion and despair following

"This decision effectively confirms the now infamous Resolution 84 of the 10th Assembly in 2003 and strengthens the relentless march of the UCA towards the full acceptance of practicing homosexuals in the ordained ministry," he said

The summit meeting resolved to form an "Assembly of Confessing Congregations".

Mr Estherby claims that this new body will aim to fulfil responsibilities which have been neglected or have become dysfunctional in the UCA.

The plan includes the formation of an association of Confessing Ministry Workers.

“This action has been necessary because of the refusal of the national Assembly to affirm the traditional teaching and practice of the Uniting Church," Mr Estherby said.

"For us, the Assembly of Confessing Congregations represents the hope of a new beginning and a way in which we can remain associated with the UCA with integrity.”

A response from the President of the Uniting Church is expected later today.