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New Bible study resource focuses on families

Two ministers from Deception Bay Uniting Church, John Dansie and Mark Cornford, are developing a new multigenerational approach to Bible study.

The concept is based on Faith Chronicles, a program created by a church in America.

The resource encourages families to spend 30 minutes to an hour hearing stories from the Bible and discussing a few simple questions, all while conducting an activity together such as baking or craft.

In the program developed at Deception Bay, the sessions include prayer, telling or reading a Bible Story, some basic questions and an activity designed to help reinforce the message.

Local families successfully trialed a resource created by the church for Advent, and the authors are finalising a program for Lent entitled The journey to the cross.

"It is hoped that this series might provide an alternative to Lenten Bible studies, and that it might be utilised by parents who find it difficult to get to Bible studies," says John Dansie.

"The other important benefit is that it helps parents to be able to teach and pass on their faith to their children."

"The activities and discussions are designed to be easy, fun and not too serious.

The most important part of the whole exercise is that the entire family is spending time together reading and discussing the Bible."

For more information contact Deception Bay Uniting Church on 3048 5242 or minister@dbuc.org.au.

Rev John Dansie is minister at Deception Bay Uniting Church and Rev Mark Cornford, deacon in the Presbytery of Moreton Rivers, is Project Officer – Christian Formation at the Queensland Synod.