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People are dying to give their money away

Ken Edwards Uniting Church Foundation Development Manager
There has been a worldwide increase in gifting via trusts and foundations, but Uniting Church Foundation Development Manager Ken Edwards said people are demanding more value for their charitable and religious gifts.

Mr Edwards says the UC Foundation provides excellent value for benefactors because of low overheads and the absence of establishment costs and legal fees.

“You don’t have to be wealthy to make provision for God’s ongoing work in this way and a perpetual fund, often given a personal or family name, can be set up as a permanent memorial, living on, year after year, generation after generation.

“These endowment funds may be designated by you for specific purposes, or may be without restriction, for use by the Foundation’s general fund. No gift is too small.”
The Foundation’s Board of Directors distributes the tax-exempt investment income earned from the unrestricted fund to a variety of Uniting Church ministries, activities, and community services.

“Because priorities change over time these general grants enable support to programs, activities and innovations designed to meet current and future needs.”

Through careful management, the interest distributed from the Foundation funds are more than the original given amounts which remain intact and growing.  

Some people even prepay their Foundation bequests because they want the church to benefit during their own lifetime.

“This financial strategy has the added advantage that a tax deduction can often be arranged,” said Mr Edwards.

“The Church is fortunate that an increasing number of people are using part of their estate for God’s work.”

“Their special gift to future generations, from their accumulation of a lifetime of God’s blessings, is a true reflection of the values and principles they treasure.”

For information on making a bequest contact the Development Manager 3377 9777 or visit www.foundation.ucaqld.com.au.

Photo : Ken Edwards Uniting Church Foundation Development Manager