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Pioneer nun is key speaker at national UnitingCare conference

Outspoken Catholic Nun and Associate Professor University of Western Australia Sr Veronica Brady will be a keynote speaker at the UnitingCare Australia and Uniting Missions Network National Conference to be held in Brisbane in March.

Born in Melbourne in 1929, Veronica Brady became one of the first Australian nuns to teach in a university, broadcast on radio and join in socio-political debate.

She has spoken out publicly against the Vatican stance on abortion, homosexuality and contraception, and has been involved in the Aboriginal rights movement and the anti-uranium mining lobby.

Sister Veronica Brady is a member of many organisations including Amnesty International, the Campaign against Nuclear Energy, the Campaign against Racial Exploitation, the Fellowship of Australian Writers and the Association for Study of Australian Literature.

She is the author of several books including The Future People, The Mystics and Crucible of Prophets.

In addition to Sr Brady other speakers will include former Uniting Church President Rev. Professor James Haire, Executive Director of the Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture, and independent international consultant in human services and community work Dr. Michael Kendrick.

Conference team member and Director, Centre for Social Justice Greg Mackay says the UnitingCare National Conference seeks to renew hope and belonging, build connection, and re-imagine the future.

"People involved in health and community services of the Uniting Church in Australia are part of a movement that has worked, over many decades, to create the moral climate that affirms genuine worth of all people, and the tangible expression of the gospel through service," he said.

"This movement is part of a much broader social movement that has sought to improve the life conditions of people who are poor, disadvantaged, and marginalised, and to contribute to the wholeness and stability of social life.

"This struggle is far from over. If we are to persevere and renew these rich traditions, then it is important to pause and renew our commitment and our capacity – renewal and rebuilding are the investments we make so that it becomes feasible to carry on and move ahead."

The conference is designed for people from across the service agencies that make up the UnitingCare and Uniting Missions Network, and the wider Church but will also be of interest to people from all roles and organisational levels, such as practitioners, service workers, administrative staff, managers, and executive staff as well as volunteers, consumers, and clients interested in a substantial breadth of content.

The conference will be held on 26 – 28 March at the Carlton Crest Hotel Brisbane and early bird registration by 13th February is $450 (Full registration is $525).

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