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Queensland Churches pray for rain

Moderator Rev Dr David Pitman
Uniting Church members are invited to join other Christians in a prayer campaign this month to break the drought hurting so many Queensland families.

The Moderator Rev Dr David Pitman will join Queensland Premier Peter Beattie and other Heads of Christian Churches for the launch of “Water: a Time for Prayer” at a morning prayer service at St John’s Cathedral on 2 November at 7.30am.

Prayer services will then take place in churches across the state on 5 and 12 November.

The time of prayer responds to the dire need for rain, the suffering of those who are severely drought affected and the urgent responsibility to care for the earth.

A common prayer titled, We pray together across Queensland, has been released for the occasion.

In a letter to Christian communities across the state, the heads of 10 Christian Churches said the situation had reached crisis point.

“We are very conscious of the life and death needs that beset so many people around the world every day and we in no way intend that much needed prayer be deflected from these situations,” the letter said.

“At the same time we recognise that water is an urgent and immediate need affecting so many of us here and now in Queensland in the most basic ways.”

The letter said water reserves were so low in most of the state that Premier Peter Beattie had asked them to urge all Churches to pray for rain.

The signatories also recognised the need for people and governments to conserve water and care for the environment.

“We are thankful to God for the many blessings bestowed upon us; we undertake to change our wasteful and destructive practices.”

Photo : Moderator Rev Dr David Pitman