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Queensland Moderator’s Christmas Message

Queensland Uniting Church Moderator Rev Dr David Pitman

Dear Friends in Christ,

We come to celebrate once more the timeless message of Christmas. Sadly, yet again, we are conscious of the conflicts and struggles that divide our world and inflict suffering on so many people. Even here in the “lucky country”, in recent days, the ugly face of prejudice and racism has confronted us with the dark side of our own society.

Yet always through the darkness the light of God’s love and grace continues to shine and the darkness cannot overcome it (John 1:5). We are the messengers, the evangelists, who proclaim that truth with our lips and through our lives.

It has been exciting to hear of the many congregations who have taken the opportunity to connect with their communities through the “gifts of time and love” postcards.

Others are using Christmas festivals and displays of various kinds, or community celebrations and carol services, or are responding to those with particular needs through personal and material support.

The important thing is that we are intentional about making those connections with others that offer the opportunity to share the good news that Jesus came to bring.

The essential message of Christmas is that God did something that has lasting significance. The birth of Christ was the beginning of a life that changed our world forever. We are meant to be active participants in what God wants to achieve for all humanity. “Peace on earth, and goodwill to all people,” were never intended to be the glib clichés they have often become. They are a dynamic expression of God’s intention for the world.

Through the birth of Christ, God chose to become involved in our world, for our sake.

We have the opportunity to become involved for the sake of others, seeking to make this world the place that God intended it to be.

Marcia joins me in extending to you all our best wishes for a happy and holy Christmas and a New Year filled with promise.

Rev Dr David Pitman

Photo : Queensland Uniting Church Moderator Rev Dr David Pitman