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Rebuilding East Timor Appeal

The Uniting Church in Australia, through Uniting Church Overseas Aid (UCOA), has been monitoring the situation in East Timor very closely, and keeping in regular contact with our partner organisations on the ground said Acting National Director Rev. John E. Mavor.

YASONA, the community aid and development arm of the Protestant Church in East Timor (IPTL), has been under enormous pressure over the last two weeks. Having carefully assessed the needs of the people most affected, they are now asking for Uniting Church support. YASONA is providing emergency aid to people in need.

Rev Mavor said that UCOA has sent an initial gift of $5,000.

"Now we are asking the church to participate with us by providing further support."

"UCOA has been working closely with YASONA over a number of years. Donations from UCA members for the initial rebuilding in East Timor were distributed through YASONA programs and a Food Security program is still operating through the generous support of UCA members. In addition to providing emergency aid to those in greatest need,

"YASONA will begin the rebuilding process for communities that have been devastated by the current violence."

Cheques should be made payable to Uniting Church Overseas Aid, Rebuilding East Timor, Uniting Church Overseas Aid, P.O. Box A2266, Sydney South NSW 1235. For Credit Card donations call toll free 1800 998 122.

Gifts are tax-deductible.