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Scott Stephens cleansed by the Jesuits

Conservative columnist Andrew Bolt reported in his Herald Sun blog on Wednesday that the Eureka Street online magazine had “cleansed” its pages of an article written by Uniting Church Forest Lake minister and Journey columnist Mr Scott Stephens. 

Bolt said Eureka Street claims to be a magazine offering “a distinctly Australian forum for conversation”. www.eurekastreet.com.au  

“What conversation?,” he asks. “The cleansing of conservatives continues.”

Bolt described Mr Stephens as “no conservative, but simply a man of the Left who sees through Rudd.”

Mr Bolt quoted the text of the Eureka Street retraction.

“On Thursday, Eureka Street published a commentary by Scott Stephens on the Parliamentary Apology to Stolen Generations. The article has been withdrawn. It argued that the Prime Minister’s motivation was self-serving, and his action empty rhetoric.

Eureka Street, the Australian Jesuits and Jesuit Communications do not necessarily support the views expressed in our published articles. The publishers specifically disagree with the substance of this article.

“We apologise to those who were hurt or offended by allegations contained in it.”

Eureka Street is the online publication of Jesuit Communications in Australia and had originally published the article which also appears on the www.journeyonline.com.au website and in the March 2008 print edition of the Uniting Church’s Queensland newspaper Journey.

Eureka Street had published the article under the headline, “The warm inner glow in saying sorry” and the link to that story is now blank. Journey had titled the same article, “The apology and the moral significance of guilt”.

In it’s editorial information Journey also stresses that opinions expressed “do not necessarily reflect hose of the editor or the policies of the Uniting Church in Australia.

Both the original Eureka Street article and Mr Bolt’s blog received dozens of comments about Mr Stephen’s comment.