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Sending a friend to school to reduce poverty

Simply Sharing Week has taken its annual education program online for what promises to be the best interactive campaign the churches have ever launched.

Simply Sharing Week is a program of Caritas Australia and Christian World Service/National Council of Churches in Australia.

The theme, “Send My Friend To School” aims to educate Australian students and church members on why school is such an important component in poverty reduction and peace. In response, people are encouraged to go online to www.simplysharingweek.org.au to make a virtual “friend” to present to the Australian Government later in the year.

“Our goal is to present tens of thousands of these “friends” to the Government, so that it will be moved to keep its promise to invest $200 million in global education in 2007-08 and to increase that to $300 million by 2010,” says Chief Executive Office of Caritas Australia and Alistair Gee, Director of Christian World Service Jack de Groot .

“We are committed to seeing that Australia stays on track with education funding commitments.”

“School students and teachers are more aware of the benefits of education than ever before. They are keen to see that the benefits they receive from education are shared with young people all over the world. “Send My Friend To School” gives them the opportunity to have their voices heard on this important issue,” they add.

The United Nations estimates that there are over 115 million young people in the world who do not have the opportunity to go to school.

“The Send My Friend To School” program is not just for those currently in the education system. All Australians should seek better education worldwide because it affects all of us. We encourage everyone to go to the website and create a virtual friend.”

Simply Sharing Week will be celebrated 17-24 June this year – or at any time of the year which is more convenient.

To create a “friend”, order printed resources, or to download an education resource pack, go to www.simplysharingweek.org.au.