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Smuggling Bibles into China places Chinese Christians at risk and is unnecessary


“Smuggling Bibles into China places Chinese Christians at risk and now with the new Amity Press operational in Nanjing, smuggling is a waste of resources,” said Bible Society NSW CEO, Daniel Willis.

Speaking at the launch of the Society’s appeal for funds to support the Amity Press and help solve the problems of Bible distribution in the country, Daniel said that for just $10, a Bible could be placed in the hands of a believer in remote provinces such as Shaanxi, Henan and Jiangsu.

“China is experiencing a great freedom of worship,” said Daniel. “With this wonderful change the Church is spreading rapidly with the number of Christians in China now estimated to be over 100 million. Each Chinese Christian would like to experience the joy, peace and inspiration that owning their own Bible brings – but unfortunately for many, obtaining a Bible is difficult and often out of their reach financially,” MR Willis said.

“Our goal is to break down the barriers of distance and isolation and make Bibles available to our Chinese brothers and sisters in Christ.”

Bible Society, with the approval of the Chinese Government, has been printing and distributing Bibles through the Amity Press since 1987. Over that time, more than 40 million Bibles have been printed and distributed within China, which has effectively eliminated the need to smuggle Bibles into China.

On a recent visit to Sydney, Rev Dr Chow Lien-Hwa, Vice Chairman of the Board of Amity Press and Chief Editor of the Revised Chinese Version of the New Testament said he was very grateful to the Bible Societies of the world, “who have donated money very generously so that we are able to produce Bible in China”.

Bible Society NSW has opened an on-line forum to discuss the issue of Bible smuggling. In addition, other comments from Rev Dr Chow Lien-Hwa (Rev Chen in English) are available as video clips and transcripts.  Readers can log on and leave your own comment about this issue. www.biblesocietynsw.com.au/china