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Summer Madness unleashes

Az Hamilton. Photo courtesy of Jane Moad

“FITTING in” is not a phrase that sits well with Az Hamilton, former 96five family radio announcer, Compassion Australia advocate and founder of youth social justice project Just Motivation.

The organisers of the Queensland Synod youth camp Summer Madness went in search of a guest speaker to inspire and motivate high school-aged youth, aiming to find someone local and relatable who could fit in with the theme of the weekend, “Unleashed”, and its vision to grow active and accountable disciples of Jesus.

When asked what the church should do to unleash its young people, Mr Hamilton was unapologetic.

“Our young people have to have a spirit that says ‘we are going to make this world a better place’, and the church needs to release their youth to do those things–let them live outside the box; let them make a lot of noise; and let them impact a world that desperately needs love,” says Mr Hamilton.

It was clear that he was the perfect choice to guide young people exploring questions of identity, freedom and being changed by God.

“There is no greater moment than understanding you are loved and have a purpose,” Mr Hamilton says.

“When that revelation hits, it’s like an almost unstoppable force–to love others.

“Jesus didn’t do things by halves and I think when young people live their lives with full purpose and passion they’ll experience a freedom like never before.”

Through Just Motivation, Mr Hamilton is currently visiting three schools a week, sharing his social justice challenge with more than 5000 students in the past few months.

Summer Madness will be held at Alexandra Park Conference Centre from 18 to 21 January 2013.

Photo: Az Hamilton. Photo courtesy of Jane Moad