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Super profits tax should benefit all Australians

UnitingCare Australia’s National Director, Susan Helyar said today UnitingCare Australia supports a progressive tax system that distributes the benefits of the economic boom fairly across the whole community. Ms Helyar said big profits from big business must be taxed in a way that delivers a return for the whole community.

“UnitingCare Australia supports the Government’s efforts to increase its revenue base in order to do this,” Ms Helyar said. “Record profits are driving up inflation and interest rates. For people who are struggling, this translates into skyrocketing rents and other basic living costs.

“Many long-term unemployed people, women with child-rearing and other caring responsibilities, people with disabilities and those with long-term mental health problems have not been able to get jobs and keep jobs during Australia’s low unemployment and economic prosperity.

“As a nation we need to put enough money into fixing gaps in social infrastructure.

“People living with the reality of long-term unemployment and discrimination in the labour market don’t need punitive responses built into the income support system.

“These measures were not effective during the economic boom and are not proving effective as Australia emerges from the Global Financial Crisis.

“People need access to education, training and life skills support that will enable them to get and keep a job. They need accessible, affordable transport and childcare. Government needs to ensure sufficient revenue to ensure these needs are met,” said Ms Helyar.