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Supporting young families

Michael Jeffery looks over the final product

A Christian brochure called Faith Family, distributed quarterly to more than 20,000 families, is being positively received by church communities across Australia.

Faith Family is a collaborative project involving the Queensland Youth and Children’s Ministry Unit and family workers in the South Australian Synod, as well as the Lutheran and Anglican churches.

The colourful four-page brochure is designed especially for congregations and schools to give away to parents and carers of children up to age 12.

Paul Yarrow from YACMU said that Faith Family is a simple and effective way of helping parents.

“By putting this resource in the hands of parents we are affirming and encouraging them in their role as primary nurturers of their child’s faith,” he said.

Grandparents too are thrilled to have something positive to give their children and grandchildren, particularly if they are not regularly involved in church activities.

“We see this as an especially valuable resource for families in rural and remote areas who may have limited contact with a local congregation.”

Each issue encourages parents and caregivers in their role and suggests resources such as websites, CDs and books that may be useful when celebrating different Christian events.

Almost 3000 copies of Faith Family are distributed by 119 Uniting Church congregations in Queensland. “We see this as a valuable resource for churches to be giving to families. We are happy to supply copies Faith Family at no cost to congregations wanting to support families in the vital task of nurturing faith at home,” said Michael Jeffrey, YACMU Director.

Congregations and schools can order bulk copies of Family Family. Contact Paul Yarrow on 3848 6201 or Paul.Yarrow@yacmu.com.au

Photo : Michael Jeffery looks over the final product