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Sustaining the Stanley River Covenant

Clergy share a laugh at the celebration service on 28 May. Photo courtesy of Della Lopez
ON 1 June 2001 a Local Covenant was signed between the Anglican Parish of Kilcoy, the Lutheran Redeemer Church, Woodford, the Stanley River Catholic Parish and the Kilcoy Uniting Church Congregation.

The Covenant committed the four churches to work together in love, to pray and care for one another and to live together in
fellowship to the greater glory of God.

Over the last fourteen years the Covenant partners have lived up to this commitment and have reached out to the local
community together by providing breakfasts and cooperative Religious Education in the state schools, fellowship at E-Cafe, reaching out to the needy and in many other ways.

On 28 May 2011 Archbishop John Bathersby, Canon Richard Tutin (Anglican), Rev Vince Gerhardy (Lutheran) and Rev
Andrew Gunton (Moreton Rivers Presbytery, Presbytery Minister, Uniting Church) joined in the celebrations at St Mary’s Catholic Church Woodford to give thanks for the blessings received over the past years and to look forward to the challenges of the future with a renewed spirit of cooperation and enthusiasm.

Church leaders were united in their praise of the eff orts of the faith communities in their resolve to work together and expressed the hope that the example set would be replicated across Australia.

In so many ways the ecumenical community has given witness of their shared Christian experience.

There have been challenges, in particular the inability to share Eucharist.

In the meantime there is great resolve to continue the good work in the community.

Photo : Clergy share a laugh at the celebration service on 28 May. Photo courtesy of Della Lopez