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The Cosmic Dimensions of What We Do

 For the first time ever on Sunday, 31st August, Queensland Churches Together (QCT) will be joining with the Greek Orthodox Church of St George in

South Brisbane to host a service to commemorate the Orthodox Day of Prayer for the Protection of the Environment.

The public service will be held at 6:00pm in the Greek Orthodox Church of St George, Edmonstone Street, South Brisbane. Rev.

Father Dimitri Tsakas , Archiepiscopal Vicar for

Queensland of the Greek Orthodox Church and priest of St George, will give the homily on the theme of “The Cosmic Dimensions of What We do”.

“The Orthodox understanding of creation and human responsibility is holistic and inseparable from the theology of salvation,” says QCT General Secretary,

Glenine Hamlyn . “In this respect, Orthodox theology has a lot to offer Western church traditions and understandings, helping us to overcome our compartmentalised thinking.”

Sunday, 1st September, the first day of the Orthodox ecclesial calendar, is celebrated in the Orthodox Church world-wide as a day of prayer for the protection of the environment. This practice was instituted in 1989 by the then Ecumenical Patriarch, the late Patriarch Dimitrios. The liturgical day actually begins the evening before, so the service marks the beginning of the liturgical day and the Orthodox ecclesial year.