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The journey continues together

Dr Shirley Coulson and Gavin Caird at the last workshop of 2010. Photo by Mardi Lumsden
ON SATURDAY 9 April the Together on the way, enriching community journey continued to discern the direction of the
Uniting Church in Queensland during a workshop with members of five Focus Groups sharing their progress.

In the light of the Church’s 2020 Vision, the five areas of priority in the next two years are: enabling a demonstrated commitment to the shared call and vision, promoting a discipline of prayer and spirituality (individual and corporate), developing sustainable mission oriented organisation for the Church in Queensland, facilitating renewal of leadership for the mission of the Church and, providing opportunities for intentional, open community connections and partnerships.

During the workshop each Focus Group presented its progress with respect to its focus direction.

The groups discussed the potential outcomes and goals for this phase of the journey to 2013, enabling processes and steps along the way, who needs to be involved and what resources are needed.

Dr Shirley Coulson, General Secretary, thanked all involved for their time and efforts.

“The shared wisdom of the wider group was sought and participants engaged in discussion about adjustments to the goals and steps in the light of this feedback,” she said.

“At the conclusion of a long day with lots of discussion the general feeling was that much progress had been made.

“The next step is for this work to be collated and recorded for distribution to the wider reference group for their comment.”

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Photo : Dr Shirley Coulson and Gavin Caird at the last workshop of 2010. Photo by Mardi Lumsden