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UCA-Korean missionary links remembered

Principal of Chang-Shin Christian College Elder B.D Kang welcomes UCA General Secretary Rev Terence Corkin
The lives of eight Australian missionaries who died while serving in Korea will be forever remembered in a permanent memorial that was recently dedicated at Chang-Shin Christian College in Korea.

The eight missionaries were part of a group of more than 120 who have served in Korea from 1889 to the present day with the Presbyterian and the Uniting Church in Australia.

Unveiled on October 15 this year, the Australian Missionary Memorial pays tribute to the lives of those eight missionaries who died between 1890 and 1937 during service in Korea. The memorial is housed at the college which was established in 1908 by the Australian Mission Association – two years before Korea was subject to colonial rule by the Japanese.

In recognition of the Uniting Church’s on-going relationship with the Presbyterian Church of Korea, the Assembly General Secretary, Rev Terence Corkin, was asked to attend the dedication and offer a congratulatory message.

“I was amazed at how these missionaries, who had given their lives, were so fondly remembered by the Korean Church and how significant their commitment was seen to be by the Korean people,” Rev Corkin said.

“The visit reminded me how we sometimes undervalue the work we do and the impact it can have.

Principal of the College Elder B.D. Kang expressed hope that the memory of this selfless giving would be an on-going inspiration to his students in their life and faith.”

Rev Corkin said during the visit the Presbyterian Church of Korea re-affirmed its on-going partnership with the Uniting Church in Australia by inviting Australians to work as missionaries and to teach English at the Chang-Shin College. Anyone interested should contact the Assembly’s People in Mission Coordinator, Sandy Boyce, sandy@sa.uca.org.au.

Uniting Church members who have missionary links to Korea are also being asked to contribute memorabilia, photos, stories and other items for a museum that will be established to remember Australia’s missionaries. Those interested should contact the Assembly General Secretary terencec@nat.uca.org.au.

Photo : Principal of Chang-Shin Christian College Elder B.D Kang welcomes UCA General Secretary Rev Terence Corkin