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Uniting Church joins call for decisive action on climate change

The Uniting Church in Australia is one of an unprecedented alliance of groups representing nearly every sector of Australian society which has issued a statement calling on all political parties to rise to the challenge of tackling climate change.

The statement brings together churches; business;  farmers; doctors; community, consumer and development groups; miners and environmentalists.

The statement, run as prominent advertisements today in The Australian, the Canberra Times, the Daily Telegraph and the Herald Sun, urges the nation’s political leaders to commit to dramatically cut greenhouse pollution, play a global, climate leadership role and make Australia a world leader in clean and renewable energy.

“Our scientists are now warning that urgent and decisive action is needed to avoid dangerous climate change,” the statement says.

“We have great faith in Australians. We believe Australia is uniquely placed to meet the pressing challenge of climate change just as it has overcome many great challenges before.

“We are an ingenious and enterprising nation. We can turn threat into opportunity and create exciting new business opportunities and jobs. We can secure our water supplies, our health, our agriculture and our enviable way of life. We can protect low income and vulnerable Australians, together with our near neighbours.

“We can and must spare our children the legacy of dangerous climate change.

“We call on all parties to join us and create a clean, safe future for our children.”

The other signatories are AgForce, AngliCORD, the Australian Conservation Foundation, ACOSS, the CFMEU Mining Division, CHOICE, The Climate Institute, Bishop George Browning, Doctors for the Environment Australia, Investa, the Property Council of Australia, Szencorp, Westpac and World Vision.