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Uniting Church leaders express sorrow for families of Kerang tragedy

Leaders of the Uniting Church in Australia have expressed their condolences to families of the people killed and injured in the tragic rail crash at Kerang, in Victoria.

The President of the Uniting Church in Australia, the Rev Gregor Henderson and the Moderator of the Synod of Victoria and Tasmania, the Rev Jason Kioa said Uniting Church members around Australia were profoundly saddened by the events at Kerang and that many prayers of sorrow would be said in churches across the nation this Sunday.

Rev Henderson said, “This has been a time of tragedy for so many people. Families and communities have been deeply traumatised. On behalf of the entire Uniting Church in Australia I express our combined condolences to the families most directly affected.”

“We are also mindful of the people who remain injured and in hospital, and those who are traumatised by the scenes they have been a part of or have witnessed. May God bless everyone as they individually, and we as a community, come to grips with the reality of this tragedy.”

The Rev Jason Kioa also offered his condolences to the families involved: “Most of us imagine that things like this do not happen to ordinary people going about their daily business. Our prayers and thoughts go out to all the families involved. May God bless each and everyone during this time of sorrow, grief and questioning. We pray that at the right time, healing and hope in life will be restored.”

Mr Kioa also expressed gratitude towards the police and emergency services, local clergy, medical teams and the Kerang townspeople for all the help they have offered. “We pride ourselves as a nation of helpers when such tragedy takes place. This event once again shows the inherent good nature and commitment of our communities. We are thankful for this silver lining on an otherwise devastating tragedy.”