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Uniting Church President urges support of UnitingWorld Earthquake Appeal

With the launch of UnitingWorld’s Sumatran Earthquake Appeal today, Uniting Church in Australia President, Rev Alistair Macrae, has urged people to support the victims of natural disasters in Asia and the Pacific.

The latest UnitingWorld appeal was launched in response to the Sumatran quake which is expected to have claimed the lives of more than 1000 and destroyed health and livelihood infrastructure. The area of Padang now faces immediate health concerns as well as a massive rebuilding effort.

Rev Kuntadi Sumadikarya (Moderator of the Indonesian Christian Church) has requested the support of the Uniting Church in Australia as the church seeks to provide much needed medical assistance.

“We will have a medical team in Padang from Tuesday 6 October. There’ll be 25 medical doctors from Maranatha Christian University, Bandung involved. This is the first team. As medical assistance will be needed as long as two months, we will also have a second team,” said Mr Kuntadi. 

UnitingWorld’s appeal will support the cost of transportation, medical supplies and team logistics.

At the Uniting Church in Australia 12th Assembly gathering, Mr Kuntadi, said “when we cry, you cry; our struggle, you take on as your struggle also”.

“Those words now have a prophetic ring to them. Now is the time to turn our words of solidarity into meaningful action” said Mr Macrae.

“With requests from our partner churches to support them at this time as they respond with the compassion of Christ, I urge people within and associated with the Uniting Church in Australia to give generously to the UnitingWorld Asia and Pacific Appeals,” he said.

“Commentators speak of Australians suffering ‘compassion overload’ but I am confident that those who drink from the wells of living water will find replenished resources for prayer and other caring responses,” Mr Macrae said.

UnitingWorld is accepting donations in response to Asia and Pacific disasters, including the newly launched Sumatra Earthquake Appeal.

More information about the appeal is available at www.unitingworld.org.au