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Uniting HealthCare Hospital Recognised as Australia’s Best

Uniting HealthCare’s St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital received a national award in recognition of their excellence in cardiac outcomes.

Benchmarked against the best in the world, St Andrew’s cardiac results earned them an Australian Private Hospital Association Award for excellence.

An annual review of cardiac services has shown St Andrew’s to have a cardiac surgery mortality rate of 1.51%, indicating a better success rate than US, UK and other Australian cardiac surgery facilities.

Accepting the award on behalf of St Andrew’s, Dr Ian Brandon said ‘St Andrew’s doctors and staff work closely together to ensure patients receive the best care from diagnosis, treatment through to rehabilitation.’

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in Australia, with total expenditure $5.4 billion so it is reassuring to know St Andrew’s is providing care equal to the world’s best.

Dr Brandon stated ‘St Andrew’s has invested millions of dollars to ensure Queenslanders have access to the best technology in the world.

But it is the knowledge and skills of our doctors and staff that are really responsible for our superior outcomes.’

St Andrew’s was the first private hospital in Australia to offer a comprehensive cardiac service in 1985 and since then in excess of 12000 open heart surgical procedures have been performed.

Through the introduction of new technologies, adoption of innovative clinical techniques and continuous monitoring of performance, St Andrew’s has maintained its position as a world leader and will do so into the future.