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UnitingCare Queensland Centre for Social Justice launches Scan of Disadvantage in Queensland 2010

UnitingCare Queensland has released a report which lays the foundations to address entrenched disadvantage in Queensland. The report shows the continuing “locational” nature of disadvantage and calls for place-based partnerships across community, government and business as a critical response. The 2010 report updates a previous 2006 version.

The report, which uses 2006 Census data and the ABS SEIFA Index of Relative Socio-economic Disadvantage, clearly demonstrates that despite the prosperous economic times during this period, the benefits of such sustained growth have not been evenly distributed across Queensland, with some places clearly lagging behind.

Some larger areas such as Wide Bay-Burnett emerge as relatively more disadvantaged with significant pockets of disadvantage also highlighted within areas of Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast.

“The report clearly shows us that poverty and disadvantage persist”, said UnitingCare Queensland CEO, Anne Cross. “And while we know and see communities working hard at every level to make their place a better place, the Scan of Disadvantage highlights that some communities face more challenges and experience a greater level of disadvantage than others,” she said.

“That is why UnitingCare Queensland is seeking to work with government and other business and community partners to expand our current efforts and to seek new ways of working together that will make a difference and will help to reduce the level of concentrated disadvantage in specific areas.

“Of greatest concern is the extent that Indigenous communities are over-represented among the most disadvantaged areas,” Anne said. “We hope this report helps to highlight the urgent need for further effort to address entrenched disadvantage in these communities,” she said.

“We are heartened by the response received from meetings with various State Government representatives, which have focussed on forming practical partnerships to tackle and reduce concentrated disadvantage in Queensland."

The full report provides detailed information about all Queensland regions including specific information about certain indicators of disadvantage and poverty and their impact on particular places.

UnitingCare Queensland is the health and community service provider of the Uniting Church and supports more than 14 000 people throughout the state every day of the year. It employs over 15 000 staff in more than 400 geographic locations and is one of Australia’s largest non-profit health and community service providers.