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UnitingJustice believes the RU486 debate is confused

Rev Elenie Poulos
The Uniting Church has claimed that the drug RU486 should be evaluated by proper trials in the same way as any other therapeutic drug or procedure and that the question of the drug’s safety should be viewed separately to a debate on the moral and ethical issues of the abortion procedure itself

Rev Elenie Poulos, National Director UnitingJustice Australia wrote today to all members and Senators of the Federal Parliament to outline the Uniting Church’s views on the issue of RU486.

"It is our view that the current campaign against RU486 confuses medical, moral and political issues.," said Ms Poulos.

"As the Uniting Church understands it, the issue is whether or not this particular drug is safe to be released for use in a country where abortion is legally available.

"This is a decision that should be made by the Therapeutic Goods Administration using sound medical evidence and advice."

Ms Poulos said the Uniting Church position is that RU486 should not be made an exception from this independent process purely due to its application as an abortifacient.

She said the Uniting Church has no unified national position on the abortion procedure but does reject two extreme positions: that abortion should never be available; and that abortion should be regarded as simply another medical procedure.

"We respect the rights and opinions of others involved in this debate; and we recognise that within our own church, there will also be a variety of views.

"However, we do not believe this current debate about the use of a particular drug should be used as a plebiscite on the broader issue of abortion."

Photo : Rev Elenie Poulos