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Veteran Christian broadcaster celebrates 500th episode”

An iconic Australian, veteran broadcaster Mal Garvin

Best selling author, social commentator and Senior Australian of the Year for Tasmania Mal Garvin, celebrates his 500th episode of his popular national Sunday evening radio show "The Conversation of the Nation.".

Mal’s award winning and record breaking syndicated segment "The Breakthru Generation" has won him a loyal audience over 35 years and many of whom are now discovering him, across the nation on his satellite Sunday evening program.

Over the programs 10 years, Mal has shared remarkable moments with his audience, from those in the middle of an earthquake, to volunteer bushfire fighters who’ve called Mal for support immediately after the loss of their mates.

From scientists, celebrities and ordinary people in crisis, they all have been profoundly moved by Mal’s particular style of broadcasting that penetrates below the surface to where we all live.

The series began at the time of the "Port Arthur Massacre" causing Mal to immediately change his approach for the evening, broadcasting police reports and supporting listeners as they came to terms with the shocking news.

Over the years Mal has spoken to thousands of guests who are house hold names including Gary McDonald, Peter Brock, Bryce Courtney, Raelene Boyle and Sara Storer to name a few.

Yet it’s the response of the audience that’s given the program its name "The Conversation of the Nation", as listeners from Albany to Rockhampton, Hobart to Lightning Ridge contribute to the discussion.

It’s been said of the show that you just don’t listen to it, you eventually belong to it. "One of the aims of the show is to build an audience who care about one another, their community and their country" says Mal.

Photo : An iconic Australian, veteran broadcaster Mal Garvin