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Wesley House Construction

Artist\'s impression of the finished building next to Albert Street Uniting Church
Construction is moving along quickly at Wesley House in the Brisbane CBD as the Albert Street Uniting Church looks forward to using the modern building from February 2009.

Wesley House is currently being built next to the Albert Street Uniting Church on Ann Street in Brisbane. The original Wesley House was built in 1940 to facilitate the activities of the congregation and Wesley Mission Brisbane, which was founded in 1907. After a series of remodelling in the following years, it was decided that redevelopment of the site was necessary.

Wesley House has a number of innovative design features that will put it at the forefront of modern building standards, including the use of environmentally friendly ‘green’ concrete, the inclusion of showers and bicycle parking spaces to encourage tenants to ride to work, chilled beam air cooling, low energy lighting, the use of low emissions materials and a large basement water storage area for the collection of rainwater. As a result of these environmentally friendly features, the building has been awarded a ‘5 Green Star’ rating.

The Architectural Design Statement also explains that Wesley House was designed to complement the architectural aesthetics of the church:

“The building has been designed to emphasise the presence of the church by utilising transparency and uncluttered lines to create depth of space for the church. The use clear glass (as opposed to tinted) helps to maintain transparency and visual and social connection and the cladding of the core connects with the colour of the church brickwork.”

The ground floor of the building will house a 170 capacity function room for the use of the church and the wider community. The church will occupy one of nine floors with the remaining seven being available for tenants. The rent received will provide a regular income stream to support the mission of the Albert Street Uniting Church.

Superintendent Minister Lyn Burden said that the construction of Wesley House is important for the continuing work of the church.

“Two of the key values of the congregation are hospitality and community,” she explained.

“During the past 21 months the congregation has not had appropriate facilities for offering hospitality to the community or the mission. These are vital areas of a congregation’s life, and the lack of these facilities has been keenly felt.”

“We are looking forward to engaging with the community (including the various communities of Wesley Mission Brisbane) through different facilities that will be available through the construction of Wesley House.”

Construction started at the end of 2007 and by the end of September 2008, the structure will be completed and the glass façade elements will be installed. An opening celebration is scheduled for February 2009.

Photo : Artist\’s impression of the finished building next to Albert Street Uniting Church