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YACMU has secrets to share

YACMU Director Michael Jeffrey
Strange things are afoot in the life of the Uniting Church in Queensland in youth and children’s ministry.

YACMU Director Michael Jeffrey reports hearing positive stories about ministry in many areas.

“Day camps in the last school holidays were as large as they have ever been and youth workers are feeling good about their ministry and excited about the growth of young people and children in their congregations,” said Mr Jeffrey.

He reported that four young adults had arranged meetings with him in the last month to have a conversation about their sense of call to the ministry.

“This is not the cynical and sarcastic church I have known for many years,” said Mr Jeffrey.

“Perhaps it is just me and the ears through which I hear the stories but there is a resurgence of energy in the life of the Uniting Church in many congregations in youth, children and family ministry.”

YACMU regional staff are excited by what they are seeing take place, although some local congregations report little ministry with children or young people and a lack of resources to do anything about it.

Mr Jeffrey says YACMU has some exciting new ministry options in the pipeline to help congregations that feel they have nothing to offer in youth and children’s ministry.

“I can’t divulge the information in public just yet but I can tell you about it over the phone.” Contact 07 3377 9786 or send an email to michaelj@yacmu.com.au.

Photo : YACMU Director Michael Jeffrey