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Book review: The Boy and the Homeless Man

The Boy and the Homeless Man. Photo: Supplied

African-Australian author Edison Yongai writes a modern day parable about the way in which God invites and challenges the church to love unconditionally and serve selflessly, especially to those in need. Ben Tupou reviews. What a time for this tale to be told. In the year 2017 where phrases such as “Let’s build a wall” or “Send them back to ...

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How good is your gift?

Cath Taylor for Theology in Action

While there’s seemingly no escape from the onslaught of consumerism during the Christmas season, Cath Taylor unwraps the act of giving in a theological context.  Australians give a lot of gifts—about $8.9 billion worth last year, apparently. But how good were they? A jaw-dropping $500 million worth ended up back on eBay within a month and quite a few of ...

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Transformed by hope

It is easy to overlook the stories of others when we do not have a name and a face to put to them. The power of getting to know others personally is indisputable and can completely change our worldview, but getting to know people who are radically different from us is a challenge. Oceans—both literal and metaphorical—separate us, preventing us ...

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