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Facing the fundamentals of fatherhood

Queensland Synod moderator, Rev David Baker. Photo: Ben Rogers

Generally, in Australia anyhow, Father’s Day seems more important to automotive goods stores and Harvey Norman than anyone else. And fathers don’t seem too upset about that. A pat on the back, and a “Thanks, Dad” is enough for most; we’re mainly low-key about fathers. In a lot of television sit-coms since the 1960s they’ve pretty much played the standard ...

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Fathers on the front-line

Graham Williamson reflects on Father's Day. Graphic by Rohan Salmond.

Fatherhood is an increasingly complex vocation, and all Christian fathers have a responsibility to help their children in their Christian life, writes Graham Williamson. It never ceases to amaze me: the number of areas in which Christian life is such an obvious answer to many of the social ills that are confronting society. Never has it been so true that ...

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Five things my father taught me about the church

Father's Day is on Sunday 7 September.

Fathers teach us a lot of interesting stuff about life, faith, and taking one for the team. Here are a few thoughts from the writers at Journey about what fathers teach us about the church. There’s always room for one more Fathers invoke the theological principle of hospitality each time they turn up at dinnertime with stray colleagues suffering food ...

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