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Dr Victoria Lorrimar (supplied)

God and human enhancement technology

A new book explores technology’s role in the enhancement of human capacities and its place in theological discourse.

Can science and theology share the same intellectual space? Can there be a thoughtful and engaging Christian response to technology?

A new book by Dr Victoria Lorrimar of Trinity College Queensland explores the relatively new field of human technological enhancement and proposes a response in which theology engages relevant science.

“Science fiction gives us visions of humans who have enhanced abilities as a result of technology, be that through artificial Intelligence, genetic engineering or other technologies,” she says.

“These ‘technofutures’ are part of our public imagination – and they ask compelling questions about what it means to be human and what humans can become.”

“People are fascinated by technological enhancement. The question many of us ask is how does theology or faith interplay with this?”

Human Technological Enhancement and Theological Anthropology is the name of Dr Lorrimar’s book, being launched at Trinity College Queensland on April 28.

The book thinks through questions surrounding technological enhancement theologically but not by starting with knee-jerk responses such as “you shouldn’t play God” – these only serve to shut down discussion.

“That would be a quick read,” she says.

Dr Lorrimar admits this is a topic which might be disturbing to some, yet compelling to others.

“I want to explore whether there are resources within Christian theology to consider the role of technology in humanity’s future,” she says. “What place might technology have in God’s ongoing project of creation?”

Her book suggests the imagination might also have a key part to play in shaping what it means to be human.

Dr Lorrimar will give the keynote address on this topic at the ANZATS ‘Future Theology’ conference in Sydney, July 3-6. All are welcome to her book launch on 28 April when she introduces some of the ideas she will explore at the ANZATS conference.

Dr Lorrimar is available for media interviews. Please contact her on (07) 3377 9954

Dr Victoria Lorrimar is a Lecturer of Systematic Theology, Trinity College. 

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