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How can you encourage UnitingCare staff?

Designed to help strengthen connections with Uniting Church congregations throughout Queensland, Connect 100 builds on UnitingCare’s commitment to sharing in mission as part of the Uniting Church family. Scott Guyatt writes.

As part of its Connect 100 partnership, Elanora Uniting Church has been working hard to support and appreciate their neighbouring UnitingCare (Blue Care) team – and that appreciation has not gone unnoticed by the teams working hard to serve Queenslanders in the name of the Uniting Church.   

The COVID pandemic has brought profound challenges to many parts of the Uniting Church, including the work of our teams in UnitingCare Queensland offering residential aged care services. Once again, many of our facilities are now in lockdown, and our staff continue to support the people we serve in quite extraordinary circumstances.  Is there a way your congregation, like Elanora, can express appreciation for the UnitingCare services in your neighbourhood and the work they’re doing?  Perhaps a card saying thanks? Or drop off morning tea for the team?   

If you’d like some ideas or help making contact, reach out to Rev Peter Armstrong, UnitingCare Queensland’s Associate Director of Mission (Community Partnerships), at peter.armstrong@ucareqld.com.au or 0418 433 193 

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