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101 Great Ideas for Growing Healthy Churches

101 Great Ideas for Growing Healthy Churches

By (Editors) John Nelson, Michael Lofthouse, and Anton Muller

Canterbury Press, Norwich, UK

RRP $39.95

MODEM is a registered charity in UK dedicated to bringing business and management skills from the corporate world to the churches. There are some very high-profile contributors from business and clergy.

The table of contents lists all the ‘Great Ideas’ contained inside. These vary from a short, precise, self-evident paragraph that needs much meditation and discussion to enact, to five-page efforts of how-to followed by group discussion points.

There is much that is great, good and stimulating. Some pithy one-liners state the obvious and we wonder why we are not doing this already, they simply goad us into action. Some, and these are in the minority, would have us turn the minister into a CEO, this would have us lose “clients”, often losing the human touch, the mark of our Christian communities.

The discussions are important to anchor ideas and find what might work for us. They are good and guided, hopefully giving us the stimulus to take action.

This is a valuable tool, but like all suggestions, they should be prayerfully scanned to glean the appropriate guidance for your church.

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