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Loss and Discovery

Loss and Discovery

Edited by Margaret Wesley

Mosaic Press 2013

RRP $29.99

Here is an in depth collection of articles presenting the Christian viewpoint on responding to grief with the compassion of Christ and the skills of God's people. This is not for the beginner, mildly curious or the faint hearted.

In fact, this is the collection of all the papers presented at the Christian Care Network inaugural conference in Sydney last year.

There are 19 academic papers with full referencing covering topics from the stolen generation, sexual abuse, being sent to boarding school because parents were missionaries, loss due to death, loss of position or home as well as long term grief.

Do not attempt to read it from cover to cover. There is more value in reading one paper thoroughly, leaving enough time to mull it over.

This book is aimed at professionally qualified counsellors to see other viewpoints and read new research.

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