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Central Western Queensland Congregation’s Grant Success

By Andrew McKaysmith, Synod Writer and Content Creator

The Central Western Queensland Congregation has successfully secured grants that will assist the congregation in addressing the needs of the wider community.

Longreach, Barcaldine, and Blackall have all benefited from assets acquired through the Community Sustainability grant. Reverend Donna Muston, the minister in placement, said that the grant’s objective is to enhance energy efficiency in church spaces, which can subsequently be rented out to the public.

“For Blackall Hall, we’ve acquired solar panels that will assist in lowering our energy costs, and we’ve also secured funding for a refrigerator,” she explained. “In Barcaldine, we successfully obtained a grant to establish a peaceful outdoor area and install a solar-powered hot water system.”

The hot water system proved especially advantageous because Barcaldine’s outdoor shower and toilet facilities were without hot water, thus improving the overall hospitality of the hall.

Reverend Donna said the project is named ‘Re-energising the Congregation of Central-western Queensland,’ encompassing four separate projects, all funded through the grant program.

“In Longreach, we were granted funding for a door between the church worship space and the foyer, which helps maintain a stable temperature,” she said. “This is particularly important because we have to contend with the scorching heat of summer and freezing winds in this region.”

Vanessa Griffiths, the Synod’s Fundraising Support Manager, helped the congregation match a grant to the project.

Reverend Donna said Vanessa was very encouraging and supportive.

“She is well-informed about the available grants and consistently shares information regarding the grants that are accessible,” she said.


If you have any inquiries regarding how grants can benefit your congregation, please reach out to Vanessa at Vanessa.Griffiths@ucaqld.com.au

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