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Damon and his In Home Carer, Sandy

Damon thrives with Uniting In Home Care

By Andrew McKaysmith, Synod Writer and Content Creator.

Karen MacNeil is a devoted grandmother who was balancing her role as a nighttime and weekend chef with her primary responsibility as the main caregiver for her grandson.

Karen couldn’t find an appropriate care service for her grandson, 4-year-old Damon until she connected with the team at Uniting In Home Care.

She said she was very appreciative of the support on offer.

“Damon has severe autism, and he was actually asked to leave both regular daycare and family daycare,” Karen said.

“But Uniting In Home Care was absolutely brilliant. They all tag team, so I didn’t have to take time off work. I will give my heart and soul to these guys.”

In Home Care staff worked after hours to ensure Karen could meet her obligations.

The arrangements suited Damon, who is more comfortable in his own home. Karen said the team would take him for outings, but only when it suited him.

“They bring up suggestions, and he will take the one that he likes, but they just don’t force it on him,” she said.

When Karen’s work circumstances shifted, she was reluctant to alter her current arrangements. Her interest in community services emerged, and she discovered that the staff were remarkably supportive and encouraging.

She said overall, the only challenging part of the process was finding In Home Care in the first place.

“They aren’t well known, so finding a carer that would take on Damon was hard,” she said. “Now it’s so smooth, and if I have a problem, I email or ring the girls who are right on it. It’s lovely.”

Learn more about Uniting In Home care: https://www.uelqld.com.au/ 

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