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Embracing a Mission-Driven Approach – Levon Kardashian, Pastor at Logan Central Multicultural Church

By Andrew McKaysmith, Synod Writer and Content Creator

The Australian church scene is diverse, yet Logan Central Multicultural Church stands out for its distinct method of sharing the gospel. Situated in the sprawling and diverse suburbia of Logan, this church is particularly notable for its embrace of multiculturalism and its efforts to foster an inclusive environment where individuals from diverse backgrounds can engage in communal worship and initiatives. Levon Kardashian, the church Pastor, shared their inspiring story and emphasised the victories amongst the challenges.

Pastor Levon strongly believes that the Logan Central Multicultural Church has a responsibility to actively support and help the community during difficult times. According to him, the church is more than just a building; it is a community that exists to provide assistance and encouragement to those in need. “It’s important for the church to be there for the people, to work in partnership with them, and to offer support through challenging circumstances. “We need to be listening and be agile enough to offer a helping hand to those struggling,” he said, adding that the church fulfils its responsibility as a beacon of hope and compassion in the community by providing emotional, spiritual, practical, and financial assistance, particularly to those of a non-English speaking background.

Churches face challenges and obstacles which can hamper their ability to achieve their goals and pursue missional work. In particular, navigating the jungle of finance and funding can make it difficult to implement new initiatives and amenities that could benefit the congregation and the wider community. However, as Pastor Levon explains, some amenities, such as a coffee shop, are not just for personal comfort but are integral to the church’s mission work. “A coffee shop can serve as a place for community members and congregants to gather and connect.” According to Pastor Levon, it’s essential to explain the purpose of programs in a way that is not just easy to understand from the broader congregation’s perspective but in a manner that an accountant can appreciate. “The key is to support and promote community initiatives, making sure their importance is effectively conveyed,” he said.

Pastor Levon emphasises the importance of fostering an authentic partnership that enables congregations to achieve their missional aspirations more effectively. By cultivating an open and transparent dialogue, the church can work towards bridging gaps, leading to smoother cooperation and more successful outcomes. “As a church, we are tasked with fulfilling our missional work and serving our communities despite any obstacles,” he said, adding that by telling genuine stories and gaining a deeper understanding of the community’s needs, the church can surmount bureaucratic hurdles and concentrate on its core missional objective of serving the community.

The church has been greatly enriched by the presence of dedicated individuals who help fulfil its mission. Notable among them are Judy Hunter, an elder and worship leader, and Iki Takataka, a vibrant youth leader whose active participation has brought a valuable contribution to the church. This intergenerational mix and the congregation’s diverse cultural backgrounds exemplify the Uniting Church’s unwavering dedication to inclusivity, warmly welcoming people from all walks of life. “The unity fostered through this diversity magnifies the church’s positive influence on the lives of those it serves,” Pastor Levon said, further adding to the cause for optimism. Through its members’ combined efforts and collective spirit, the church continues to make a profound impact in the community.

Levon also features in this article that spotlights the contribution of a long-time servant and elder of the church, Judy Hunter.

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